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NGPF Podcast

Jun 18, 2021

With Season 2 of Million Bazillion podcast launching this Tuesday (June 22nd), I was excited to sit down with Sitara Nieves, Executive Director of On-Demand at Marketplace and Jed Kim, host of Million Bazillion. If you are new to Million Bazillion, it's a podcast about money for kids and their families that helps to make money more understandable. Geared for middle school-aged kids, Sitara, Jed and team use questions from kids to explain taxes, the stock market and pricing anomalies (the $0.99 factor) as starting points to create engaging and fun programming. I know you will enjoy hearing from Sitara and Jed as they provide a "behind the scenes" look at the creative process behind Million Bazillion and a few teasers about what to expect in Season 2. Enjoy!