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Next Gen Personal Finance

Oct 1, 2021

The rebroadcast of this podcast seemed especially timely since the new FAFSA form hit on October 1st and high school seniors are starting to ponder life after high school. Enjoy! 
  • 0:00~1:23 Introduction
  • 1:23~2:07 On the new book, The Price You Pay for College
  • 2:07~7:56 Ron’s own college experience
  • 7:56~10:54 Appearing on the NYT while in college
  • 10:54~18:30 The current financial aid system
  • 18:30~23:13 Changes with the FAFSA and the effects of COVID
  • 23:13~28:00 Asking for a merit aid pre-read 
  • 28:00~30:47 Finding the common data set
  • 30:47~31:14 A word from NGPF
  • 31:14~33:53 Overcoming the emotional aspect of paying for college
  • 33:53~42:05 The Varsity Blues scandal and what it tells us
  • 42:05~45:25 Getting the most out of college
  • 45:25~48:51 Shopping for schools with good mental healthcare
  • 48:51~52:01 The Lasagna Test
  • 52:01~54:57 Assessing college value
  • 54:57~57:26 College price hacks
  • 57:26~61:30 One family’s experience paying for college
  • 61:30~63:08 Conclusion 



  • “If you’re going to be paying upwards or more than three hundred thousand dollars for four years, I want people to feel entitled and empowered to ask questions.”


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