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NGPF Podcast

Nov 11, 2015

Thanks to Ash Cash, personal finance expert, motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, teacher and radio show host for taking time to participate in the NGPF podcast show. It's no wonder he rises every morning at 4am, he's got a lot going on! Ash, a former banking executive, has successfully transitioned to an entrepreneurial life educating and motivating others to make financially responsible decisions We first discovered Ash in the process of building our curriculum and included one of his videos, Five Steps to Financial Freedom, in our Budgeting Basics lesson. His energy and motivational message resonated with our students, particularly his point about the importance of having a "side hustle." In our conversation, Ash discusses how he engages a wide spectrum of audiences; from prisoners at Rikers Island to high school students to corporate executives. Be sure to listen to this podcast and get his answers to: 1) What approaches are most effective in reaching inner-city youth with personal finance education? 2) Having worked at both banks and credit unions, how would you describe the differences between these financial institutions? 3) How do your use your various platforms to motivate people to change their financial habits? 4) What is a "side hustle" and why do you think it is important for young people to have one?