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NGPF Podcast

Nov 22, 2017

It was great to see Barbara at the JumpStart National Educator Conference in DC recently. We had a few conversations there about her favorite classroom activities and I encouraged (pleaded?) for her to come on the podcast and share them with the community. So, you will learn about them as well as her earliest money lessons and how she incorporates morals, values and ethics into her course. I know that you will enjoy hearing from an engaging and passionate educator! 

Websites mentioned:

  • educational videos to teach critical thinking skills
  • Venmo, a free person-to-person money transferring app
  • Acorn, a free finance app that helps you invest your change into index funds
  • Penguin Plunge for the Special Olympics, fundraiser in her community; I have a standing invite:)

NGPF resources mentioned

Notable Quotes:

  • “I was overwhelmed (after the first semester) about how much the students wanted to learn about money.”
  • In regards to teaching personal finance in high school: “These are the seeds we need to plant down the road...because if you start making good decisions now, you’re going to continue to make good decisions.”
  • “There are two things in life that you’re going to have to take care of because no one else is going to: your reputation and your credit score.”
  • “[Personal finance] is not just in the classroom.”