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NGPF Podcast

Dec 22, 2017

To say Brett Shifrin is overscheduled is quite an understatement. Looking at his teacher profile at Gould Academy, one is left wondering how he gets it all done: Certified Financial Education (he built the course from scratch), Road Cycling Coach, Director of Ninth Grade Program, Advising Team Leader, Soccer Coach...and my favorite, Prep Snowboarding Coach (yes, Gould Academy is only minutes from the mountains) Brett is an accomplished math teacher (Maine Teacher of the Year in 2016) who was looking for ways to get students to apply these concepts to real life. He developed "The Mathematics of Finance" to accomplish that goal. Listen to the engaging approach he uses to get students interested in stocks. Think college basketball's March Madness brackets applied to individual stocks. As our podcast progressed, Brett's students arrived for class so you will also get the opportunity to hear from them too. Enjoy!