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Next Gen Personal Finance

Oct 10, 2015

Thanks to Candace Fikis, recent recipient of the 3M Outstanding Economic Educator Award, for participating in a recent NGPF podcast to discuss how she brings personal finance to life for her students. Candace Fikis's passion for personal finance and economics becomes evident early on in this podcast. A self-professed "Econ nerd," she clearly brings a high level of energy and engagement to the classroom. Always on the lookout for engaging projects and activities, she continues to expand her teacher network through social media and conference attendance. If you are looking to start up an after-school personal finance club, she has some great ideas on how to build a winning team (her team won the Illinois State Championship earlier this year! Listen to this podcast to hear Candace's insights into the following questions: What do you think is best way to incorporate personal finance into your economics course? How does you use Twitter to continue to hone your craft? How do you effectively use group work to teach your students an invaluable life skill? What are your most popular simulations to engage your students? What are the secrets behind your best in state Personal Finance Challenge team? Show Notes; West Chicago economics teacher receives award (