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NGPF Podcast

Jun 13, 2017

Today, you will hear from an amazing social entrepreneur, Charles Best, founder of Ask any teacher about his organization and you will see their eyes light up and inevitably hear these words "I love" Why? They have channeled hundreds of millions of dollars from citizen-philanthropists to support teacher projects in classrooms throughout the country. He was crowdfunding for public schools long before it became "a thing." Here are some examples of financial literacy projects currently up on their site. What has impressed me about Charles over the years has been his laser focus on impact (here is how his organization measures it), his management prowess at scaling and how he has created a mission-driven organization enabling him to build an A+ team. If you haven't used, you definitely should, and if you have used them, you will enjoy hearing the origin story while also getting some tips on how to make your next project a success. Thank you Charles!