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NGPF Podcast

Dec 3, 2015

Thanks to Colin Ryan for participating in the recent NGPF podcast show. We ran into Colin recently at the JumpStart National Educator Conference where his keynote address was extremely well received. As you listen, pay attention to how he incorporates storytelling into his workshops and how you might emulate his models in your classroom. Don't let Colin's comedy routine fool you...he keenly understands the role that individual motivation plays in translating financial knowledge into behaviors. His passion, unique perspectives and experience with student groups and educators (over 500 workshops and counting) make this a podcast not to be missed. Listen to this podcast to hear Colin provide answers to the following questions: * How did you come up with this idea of combining comedy with financial education? * How should educators think about using storytelling in the context of financial education? * What are the components of an engaging story? * if you had one minute to make an impression on a high school student about the importance of financial literacy, what would you say?