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NGPF Podcast

Oct 9, 2015

Thanks to Darren Gurney, recent recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Teaching Champion Award for participating in a recent NGPF podcast and sharing his expertise. In the shadow of Wall Street, Darren Gurney's enthusiasm and passion for investing is clear. His stock market simulation has a few wrinkles to it that go beyond the standard stock market game. Many of his former students have flourishing careers on Wall Street (and in the spirit of giving back visit his classes to offer their insights). Featured on CNBC (see show notes below), his students frequently get shoutouts from Jim Cramer too. By sharing his personal investing anecdotes, Darren also grounds his students to the challenges inherent in investing. Listen to this webinar to hear Darren's answer to questions, including: What drives your passion for personal finance? Who tends to be better investors in your class: boys or girls? How do you use popular songs (ok, I am dating myself here) like "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and "Satisfaction" to teach economic concepts? Did you really predict the stock market decline of 2007-08? Show notes: New Rochelle High School Stock Market Challenge ( Sample Presentations from New Rochelle High School Stock Market Challenge (