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Next Gen Personal Finance

Jan 19, 2018

Hat tip to NGPF's Melissa Belardi for letting us know about her "amazing friend, Elizabeth!" Where does the tale of amazing Elizabeth begin? Its starts with a stint in the Peace Corps in Rwanda, While there, she ventured out into the rural community of Zaza and befriended, Christine, who approached her with the idea of creating a social enterprise for stigmatized women. The dynamic duo worked tirelessly through the highs and lows (entrepreneurs know of what I speak) to make Christine’s vision of helping the underserved community of Zaza a reality. With a grant from the U.S. AID in hand and a lot of sweat equity, the Duterimbere bakery was born. Years after the bakery was founded, Elizabeth returned to Rwanda with a film crew to chronicle the lives of the women that this bakery has impacted. Be ready to be amazed. Enjoy!