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NGPF Podcast

Aug 31, 2016

My conversation with Elizabeth Justema, a personal finance teacher at Summit High School in Bend, Oregon was timed to coincide with schools opening across the country post-Labor Day. Elizabeth courageously raised her hand when the Social Studies department created a very popular personal finance elective (over 250 students and counting) for this fall. With a previous career in international marketing at Microsoft, Elizabeth has a wealth of experience to share with her students. As for her interest and knowledge of personal finance, she has her entrepreneurial parents to thank for that. Our conversation focused on a few topics that educators will benefit from: . The process Elizabeth went through this summer before landing on a primary curriculum, . How she decided what topics to teach in her semester-long course, . How she developed her first unit ("Intro to Personal Finance") to have students identify their money beliefs and values. Enjoy!