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NGPF Podcast

Nov 4, 2015

Thanks to Jacqueline Prester, recently named 2015 Massachusetts Business Teacher of the Year, for participating in this NGPF podcast to share her best practices in social media and incorporating technology into her personal finance lessons. Jacqueline Prester is a lifelong learner who uses her Twitter account (@MrsPrester) to create a global professional learning community (she is following over 1,000 people!). Beyond the Twitter following (and followers), she is an incredible asset to the educator community by sharing her expertise with audiences such as JumpStart, Federal Reserve and the Discovery Education community. What is also clear from our conversation is her passion for teaching! She constantly prowls the landscape in search of the best activities and projects for her students and shows her resourcefulness by writing grants to improve her students' learning experience. Her former students attest to the long-term impacts she is having. Thank you, Jacqueline! You won't want to miss this podcast and get her answers to: How can teachers get started using Twitter and what can they expect to get out of it? How do you overcome the challenge of teaching in mixed grade level classroom (from 9th graders to 12th graders)? What is the activity her students enjoy the most? What online resources would she recommend to other teachers? Will the Patriots go undefeated (oops, forgot to ask that one!)?