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Next Gen Personal Finance

Apr 13, 2018

Julia Lorenz-Olson and Philip Olson are two self-described theater kids who gradually got interested in finance (something about being a starving artist). This interest mushroomed into a career switch and ultimately to them starting their own fee-based financial planning firm, The Art of Finance.

What caught our attention recently, however, was their weekly show about personal finance for millennials and Gen Z on PBS, Two Cents. This series has rocketed up the charts with their first  video, How Cars Can Make You Poor, hitting one million views in two months!  From behavioral finance (5 Ways People Are Dumb About Money) to relationships (Love and Money) to taxes (How Do Your Tax Dollars Get Spent?), Philip and Julia deliver concepts in a relatable and engaging way that your students will love. Listen to how this husband and wife duo—an NGPF Podcast first!—got their start in the “edutainment” industry, and get ready to be inspired!