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NGPF Podcast

Nov 28, 2017

It was great to run into Julius at a few conferences recently and learn more about the program he has developed at Mt. St. Joseph's. As someone who has advocated and developed personal finance programs at two different schools over the last 20 years at two different schools, Julius has a wealth of experience to share. You will hear him describe the one book that became the cornerstone of his course in the early years. From the power of story-telling to making investing fun and understandable for his students, Julius has many "tricks of the trade" that leave his students well equipped to manage their financial lives. As a constant tinkerer (sound familiar, financial educators?), Julius also shares his go-to resources and websites that he relies on to ensure that his course remains up-to-date and relevant. Oh and if you are a high school basketball fan, you won't want to miss Julius discussing his years as a coach at powerhouse DeMatha High School and the legendary Morgan Wooten. Enjoy!