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NGPF Podcast

Feb 23, 2018

The NGPF podcast's first international guest, Kendall Flutey, is one hard-working entrepreneur—she set aside time on a Saturday (NZ Time) to talk to us! She saw a gap in financial literacy education in primary schools through her brother's eyes, and decided to change things for the better. Fueled by this desire to close this knowledge gap, the former accountant signed up for coding bootcamp, and 6 months later she was equipped to bring the vision of her startup to life. Banqer was born in 2015, and it’s been helping students learn how to manage their finances ever since. With 40% market share in New Zealand, Kendall has started to look beyond to Australia and other foreign markets to continue to grow her base of users. Listen to this podcast if you’re ready to be inspired by this go-getter from the Land of the Long White Cloud!