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Next Gen Personal Finance

Aug 23, 2017

From his first job delivering newspapers to assorted "side hustles" he had in high school and college, Lothar Konietzo learned early on the value of saving money. I became aware of Lothar's work as he was recently recognized by VISA as an Innovative Educator. You will enjoy hearing about the creative activities he has developed to engage his students. These include using sneaker culture to teach entrepreneurship and how he has adapted the stock market game to teach the importance of long-term investing. Enjoy!

  • 0:00~0:56 - Introduction
  • 0:56~2:47 - Background and passion for personal finance
  • 2:47~3:55 - Bringing economics to life
  • 3:55~5:33 - Lessons learned from parents
  • 5:33~8:18 - First job
  • 8:18~13:15 -  Sneakers in the classroom
  • 13:15~18:00 - Surprises for the students
  • 18:00~22:35 - Lothar's adaptation of the Stock Market Game
  • 22:35~22:48 - How he teaches index funds
  • 22:48~28:06 - The unifying thread for his economics course
  • 28:06~28:24 - A word from our sponsor, Next Gen Personal Finance
  • 28:24~31:50 - Best thing he has bought under $10    
  • 31:50~33:02 - Favorite online resources
  • 33:02~33:28 - Book recommendation
  • 33:28~34:35 - Weekly text to former students
  • 34:35~36:19 - Conclusion
Notable Quotes:
  •  "I learned the value of putting money aside growing up with my mom... My dad was conservative with money and he always saved money for a rainy day. These are clichés but they are really important clichés".