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NGPF Podcast

Sep 25, 2015

Next Gen Personal Finance's Tim Ranzetta talks to Mark Kantrowitz, a Financial Aid Guru Podcast intro 0:00 to 1:15 What got you interested in financial aid in the first place? - 1:15~3:44 What is the value of a College Education?- 3:44~6:07 As cost of education increases, what innovations are taking place? - 6:07~13:55 What is keeping all eligible students from applying for financial aid? - 13:55~15:58 Why is it so important to get this education about how to pay for college? - 15:58~17:24 Why do students not get through Community College and transfer to four year schools successfully? - 17:24~21:03 What advice would you give educators to encourage the "College Talk" between parents and students? - 21:03~28:06 How much student debt is appropriate? - 28:06~30:19 What are your thoughts about the new College Scorecard and changes coming to FAFSA? - 30:19~34:02 How will FAFSA deadlines be changing?- 34:02~36:13 What are some online tools to help students with paying for college? - 36:13~38:52 What is the biggest misunderstanding when it comes to Financial Aid? - 38:52 ~43:23 Is a college degree now fast becoming the high school degree of the past? - 43:23~45:18 Wrap-up - 45:18~45:58