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NGPF Podcast

Oct 5, 2018

Read a Morgan Housel blog post and you'll get an engaging yarn, an analogy that simplifies a complex financial topic, and perhaps even a history lesson or in-depth look at the behavioral tics that make us human. Having graduated just prior to the Great Recession, Morgan cut his teeth at the Motley Fool prior to his recent gig as a partner at the Collaborative Fund, a venture capital firm. He’s written over 3,000 articles in the past decade, and he’s amassed quite the millennial following which only grew after his post, “An Open Letter to Everyone Under Age 30.” In this golden age of financial blogging where there are so many choices, Morgan's weekly post is always a must-read. Listen to this podcast and hear about a day in the life of Morgan Housel, his early money lessons, and his barbell approach to investing. Enjoy!