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NGPF Podcast

Sep 2, 2016

I have to be candid and say that I get a little ticked off when I read about how personal finance education doesn't work (see here and here and here). Here are just a few of the quotes that I came across questioning its value: . So when it comes to education, I start rolling my eyes when people suggest education is the magic bullet. Let’s get real, please. As heretical as it is to say in our society, “education” is not the panacea for personal finance. . There is almost no evidence that personal finance education works. . Financial education is simply not working. So, given my contrarian nature and based on my experience in the classroom, I went in search of research that showed that finance education works. Long story short, Brian Page (thanks Brian!) connected me to Dr. Carly Urban at Montana State University and this conversation happened. Dr. Urban shares her recent research which demonstrates that financial education DOES have an impact. She discusses what she found in her research and the impact financial education had in three states that currently have mandates. She also highlights shortcomings of earlier research on the topic and the big questions that she hopes to answer in the future. Enjoy!