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NGPF Podcast

Jun 26, 2020

Winston Justice is always thinking ahead and preparing for the future...whether it was choosing football despite his basketball ambitions in high school or planning for life after the NFL. He's also someone who has a strong ethos of "giving back." As the winner of the prestigious Walter Payton Philadelphia NFL Man of...

Jun 20, 2020


  • 0:00~1:39 Introduction
  • 1:39~2:45 Origin story of Motley Fool
  • 2:45~3:43 Writing process
  • 3:43~5:15 Most popular articles
  • 5:15~9:31 Teaching background as a math teacher
  • 9:31~12:15 Incorporating personal finance lessons into math classes
  • 12:15~15:13 The stock market and the economy today
  • 15:13~17:26 The increase...

Jun 12, 2020

Kartik and Gautam's non-profit, Financing the Future, has a powerful mission: To foster a community of self-reliant, independent, fiscally responsible individuals. In the podcast, Kartik and Gautam share how they learned about personal finance (including their favorite books), their entrepreneurial journey, and why they...