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NGPF Podcast

Aug 27, 2021

During her 30 year career at the Washington Post, Michelle Singletary has helped millions of readers more effectively manage their finances. Michelle has used her platform as personal finance columnist to explain government programs in this age of pandemic, hold agencies to account for sloppy implementation of policy and describe finances in a way that people can understand. I know that you will enjoy this conversation with this incredible advocate. 


  • 0:00~1:40 Introduction
  • 1:40~2:52 Writing about personal finance
  • 2:52~5:43 Favorite column
  • 5:43~9:32 Lesson on saving from Big Momma
  • 9:32~12:58 Intersection of race and finance
  • 12:58~15:47 Experience as a columnist at the Washington Post
  • 15:47~16:15 A word from NGPF
  • 16:15~17:46 Making concepts consumable
  • 17:46~23:28 Behind the scenes look on writing with consumers in mind
  • 23:28~27:25 Don’t trust and verify -- looking out for scams
  • 27:27~30:50 Trading individual stocks on apps versus investing in index funds
  • 30:50~39:43 Message for students
  • 39:43~40:50 Conclusion



  • "It is a privilege to be able to write for The Post and this position, so I try to write columns that help people understand policy, economics, debt, credit, investing from the perspective of that person [that might need help understanding]."