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NGPF Podcast

Jul 27, 2023

Paul, who has led the credit cards content team at NerdWallet since 2015, gives us an overview of the world of credit cards. Learn more about secured credit cards, how your credit score is impacted through credit card usage, and more! 

Jul 20, 2023

Recent high school graduate Anmol Mittal shares about how he created a online board game that helps young students learn about budgeting and saving in a fun way. He offers insight on how to keep personal finance engaging for GenZ

Jul 13, 2023

Jonathan, the founder, and editor of HumbleDollar, joins us again on the NGPF Podcast to speak about his new book: My Money Journey, How 30 People Found Financial Freedom And You Can Too. Producer’s Note: This is a podcast episode you don’t want to miss!

Jul 6, 2023

Ron Lieber was on the NGPF Podcast to discuss his book, The Price You Pay for College. This podcast is a must-listen for educators and counselors helping young people navigate the college and financial aid maze. Ron shares his insights into the current "merit aid" system, the emotional baggage many bring into...