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NGPF Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

  • "I rather live like a prince for the rest of my life than live like a king for my NFL career."
  • “I’m going to sacrifice now for me to be happy later,’’
  • 'Williams estimates he invests at least 90 percent of the money that comes in via game checks."

These are statements that you would not expect to hear from a professional athlete but that's exactly what New England Patriot Joejuan Williams had to say in a recent article

How did he build these mindsets about money? That's where Greg Carson, a personal finance teacher at Father Ryan High School (Nashville, TN), comes in. According to Williams, Carson's class "completely changed my life." In this NGPF podcast, Greg will share the philosophy behind his class, his favorite activities with his students and what he remembers about Joejuan as a student in his class. Enjoy!