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NGPF Podcast

Feb 12, 2016

Thanks to Emily Iverson of Mukwonago High School (Wisconsin) for joining me recently on the NGPF podcast show. I came across Emily in a recent Lake Country Now article that highlighted the amazing growth of personal finance enrollment at her high school. I was also intrigued that Emily had created an online course in 2011 that could serve summer school students not able to schedule the course in during the school year. I thought our educator audience would want to learn more about how to incorporate online resources into their classroom. Listen to this podcast to hear Emily answer such questions: 1) What the most important personal finance concept you incorporate into your curriculum? 2) How do you think about structuring an online unit? What are the key components? 3) What is the role of teacher in an on-line environment? 4) How do you make the most of on-line student discussions? 5) What are the most important lessons learned through your experience over the last five years? Enjoy!