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NGPF Podcast

Jan 18, 2016

Thanks to Mary Morrison for joining me recently on the NGPF podcast show. Mary was Director of Funds Management in the Office of Financial Aid at Stanford University and gave away millions of dollars in financial aid each year. Identifying a need, she started a personal finance course for Stanford students and has prepared thirty groups of Stanford seniors for the "real world" that awaits them. She received Amy Blue Award in 2008 for her service to students and the University and continues to serve the community by leading financial aid workshops throughout the region. Listen to this podcast to hear Mary's insights on: 1) The biggest blind spots that families have when it comes to financial aid 2) The inside scoop on college scholarships 3) How she prepares Stanford students for their post-college life 4) What she wishes college students knew before they step foot on a college campus Enjoy!