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NGPF Podcast

Oct 31, 2017

I really enjoyed my recent conversation with Steve Frederickson of PRA Group. He just recently stepped down as CEO of PRA, a company he founded 20 years ago (Hat tip to Melissa at NGPF for connecting me with Steve) Looking back at his tenure, Steve shares the ups and downs (mostly ups!) that make entrepreneurial ventures so satisfying and so all consuming too. Steve shares that journey from developing an enduring strategy for PRA right out of the gate as a start-up, to taking the company public, to managing it successfully for over two decades. That is a rare feat indeed to take a company from 0 to public and then successfully manage for such a long tenure. He also details what he and his team learned in helping millions of indebted consumers manage their debts and what he thinks all young adults should know about credit. Enjoy!