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NGPF Podcast

Nov 28, 2017

 NGPF Gold Standard teacher Jill Thompson of Casper, WY joined us for a special advocacy episode of the NGPF Podcast this week. Jill was an NGPF Fellow for the 2016-17 School Year. Kelly Walsh High School, where Jill has taught Business for all of her career, is one of the latest additions to the NGPF Gold Standard Schools list from the month of November.

Christian, NGPF’s Advocacy Director, chatted with Jill about how she persevered to ensure that ALL students at Kelly Walsh HS got access to crucial financial education, after several years of the class being a very popular elective.Her story not only inspires but also provides food for thought for educators who are looking to advocate for more comprehensive financial education in their schools, districts and states. It can be done with persistence, tenacity and a little elbow grease. Since her school won the honor, Jill also advocated that the other high schools in her district receive the same distinction, and their banners are now en route!