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NGPF Podcast

Apr 12, 2016

It's college decision time for high school seniors and the NGPF podcast show was lucky to have Lauren Asher join us recently to discuss the financial issues surrounding this decision. At the helm of The Institute for College Access and Success (aka TICAS), Lauren advocates for a simpler, fairer, more transparent financial aid process to ensure broader access to educational opportunity. TICAS's research on the issues of college affordability, student debt and financial aid shows their deep knowledge on these issues which has proven effective at creating change through the regulatory and legislative process. Their recent efforts have led to FAFSA simplification, broadened eligibility for income-based student loan repayment plans and changed the timing of FAFSA information to improve visibility for families in the financial aid they can expect. Listen to this podcast to hear Lauren weigh in on: . What are the largest misconceptions when it comes to student debt? . How should students and their families compare financial aid award letters? . What concepts are most important to teach students about how to pay for college? . What are the characteristics of those struggling with debt?