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NGPF Podcast

Nov 18, 2015

Thanks to Ren Makino and Sid Sharma for participating in the recent NGPF podcast show. Ren and Sid have interned at NGPF for over a year and have done great work supporting our mission. They are currently students at Palo Alto High School, where financial literacy is not taught as a standalone course but is incorporated into some economics courses in a limited fashion. I wanted to get their take on the biggest money issues they encounter as well as what their peers are dealing with in this affluent suburban community. As you listen, you will hear some issues that may seem universal for teens while others are more typical of communities like Palo Alto. Given that our curriculum meets the needs of a diverse student population, I look forward to including additional student voices in future podcasts (so please let me know if you have students who you think might be good to interview!). Listen to this podcast to hear Ren and Sid provide answers to the following questions: How are their money attitudes similar/different from their parents? How comfortable are they with new payment methods available from their smartphones? What personal finance topics are most engaging among their peer group? What are their savings strategies? What lessons have they learned from their NGPF experience?